Great Coastside ShakeOut 2021

10/09/21 Coastside Great ShakeOut

Communications Exercise

*********Information for Department of Emergency Management (DEM) & Event Planners********

Organizing/Participating Entities:

· Coastside CERT, South Coast CERT, South Skyline CERT) HMBARC (ARES), SC4ARES

· Neighborhood Preparedness Groups, DART and possibly other Agencies

Date: Saturday, October 09, 2021

Total Time: Exercise Set-up to Clean-up: 900 hours to 1200 hours

Exercise Time: Exercise: 1000 to 1015 Earthquake Webinar via Zoom.

Exercise Activities: 1015 to 1115 Neighborhood participant counts.

Debriefing: 1130 to 1200 via Zoom Video Conference.

Location: The Exercise will primarily take place in participants’ homes, CERT Neighborhood Command Posts (as designated by each neighborhood) and at the DOC/Fire Station 40 in Half Moon Bay. Other agencies may participate from “as yet unknown” locations.

CERT: Activation: Only DSW CERTs will be considered as activated for this Exercise and only after signing-in. CERTs will be required to sign-out of the training incident, ending their activation.

Weather: TBD. Layers and sunscreen are recommended.

Safety: All activities for all participants will be done in a safe manner, with observers able to offer guidance and enforce safety protocols. Water will be available, breaks will be suggested as needed. There will be little lifting or carrying except what is necessary to open and close a Neighborhood Command Post if a neighborhood chooses to do so. Sanitizer, gloves and other cleaning supplies will be available. NOTE: This Exercise will take place during the Covid-19 Pandemic and while we are under State and County Health and Safety Orders. ALL hygiene requirements and appropriate protocols will be observed.

Exercise Purpose (Lesson Goal): The purpose of this Exercise is to practice neighborhood walkie-talkie communication, simulated damage assessments (in the form of counting the number of webinar participants in a neighborhood) and if desired, to practice setting up and staffing a Neighborhood Command Post (“NCP”). We will practice passing vital information from Walkie-Talkie nets in each neighborhood to the CERT Neighborhood Commander (“NC”). The NC will determine which messages should be relayed via the Ham Operator stationed at the NCP to the Ham Operator at Fire Station 40’s Department Operations Center (“CERT DOC”). This test of multiple neighborhoods communicating with a specific DOC will be deemed a success if each neighborhood and participating entity can relay a total count of all participants in their jurisdiction/neighborhood to the Incident Commander (Chief Cosgrave) before the end of the Exercise.

Additional Practice: In addition to testing communications by passing a total participant count to the Chief at the CERT DOC, Neighborhood CERTs may practice activation, including set-up and staffing a Neighborhood Command Post and deploying CERT teams to aid in determining neighborhood participation. Neighborhoods can practice other scenarios as part of the neighborhood’s exercise, and if appropriate can pass a judicious amount of inject traffic to the DOC. However, the only information that must be transmitted as part of the 10/9 Great ShakeOut Exercise will be the total count of participants in a neighborhood or jurisdiction.

Exercise Format: The Exercise will commence at 1000 with a Great ShakeOut Webinar hosted by Chief Cosgrave. At 1015 the Communications portion of the Exercise will commence at whatever level each group or neighborhood feels ready. At 1115 all participants are encouraged to rejoin the Great ShakeOut webinar for a final debriefing with Chief Cosgrave which will commence at 1130. The Exercise will end promptly at 12:00 Noon.

********Template for use by Participating Neighborhoods/Entities**************

Great Coastside ShakeOut

We would be honored to have all residents of [Neighborhood] participate in a Coastside earthquake safety webinar and the Great Coastside ShakeOut communications exercise

Saturday: 10/9/21 at 10:00 AM

You can participate from home or at [Rally Point]!

· Join a Zoom Webinar at 10 AM on 10/9 to learn about Coastside earthquake Safety. The link to register for the Zoom Webinar is here.

· Our presenter, Fire Division Chief David Cosgrave will provide valuable information on earthquake preparedness and additional instructions for the exercise. Don’t miss it!

· Once you are asked to do so, please complete the attached 10/9/2021 EXERCISE FORM indicating the number of individuals in your household watching the Webinar and tape the form on your garage door or your mailbox, or on your recycle bin which you’ve placed in your driveway – somewhere visible from the street.

· [If you can’t watch the webinar but still want to participate – get out your go-bag and check your flashlights (replace any dead batteries) – you can go ahead and put out the 10/9/2021 EXERCISE FORM]

· If you have a Walkie-Talkie, you can go on Channel [ ] and call into your neighborhood Walkie-Talkie Net Control to let them know your address and the number of folks in your household who are participating in the Exercise. The Walkie-Talkie net will be operational starting at 10:20am on the day of the Exercise.

· The total number of [Neighborhood] participants will then be provided to Division Chief Cosgrave via radio by your neighbors in their roles with Coastside CERT, HMBARES and [Neighborhood Organization]. Neighborhood Leads, [Zone or Block] Captains, CERTs, and HAM operators will be working on the Communications Exercise at the [Rally Point]. Feel free to join in at the [Rally Point]. There will be fun tasks for everyone!

· If you would like more information on this Exercise, CERT training, or to get more involved in neighborhood preparedness, information on walkie-talkie/Ham training or for other questions, please email [Neighborhood Contact] or go to the Coastside CERT website at

Great Coastside ShakeOut




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