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Fire Battalion Chief David Cosgrave's Newsletters

Chief Cosgrave's 30th Anniversary of Coastside fire service; congrats Spring CERT 2020 Grads, thank you to graduation support team; new Hybrid CERT Training explanation and sign-up; 10/10 Coastside Great ShakeOut explainer; new Facebook address; Twitter; fast stats; stay ready for peak fire season, SMC Alert sign-up.

CZU August Wildfire Complex Fires, Wildfire Preparedness, Firefighters actions, CERTs & Hams mutual aid activation; COVID Testing, 10/10 Area-Wide Earthquake Radio Communications Drill, Jim Williams' Walkie Talkie Training Webinar, How to become a Ham radio operator during COVID

Dr. Morrow's 8/6 Statement about SMC re-closing businesses; wildfire season: PUC Fire Map, PG&E transmission lines explainer, new PSPS policies, new Power on Peninsula battery and solar suite of programs; CERT Hybrid Basic Training; Steve Urick; On-going Covid-19 testing in HMB; Announcement of upcoming area-wide earthquake radio drill; COVID testing reporting compromised.

Returning to work safely - especially essential workers - in English & Spanish; Dr. Scott Morrow's 7/20 Statement; Listos Informagente; Employer Playbook for Safe Reopening; Project Baseline free COVID testing returns to HMB; Frenchman's Creek radio communications earthquake drill - a Coastside first; completing Spring CERT 2020 training.

Local COVID cases back on the rise; Stanford Q&A with Dr Fauci; CERTs respond to city request to assist SMC OES with HMB public testing site; SMC Health link if you have COVID symptoms but no health insurance; visitors disregarding masks & distancing; 2 Coursera offerings: University of Toronto Managing Mental Health During COVID-19 discussing physical/social distancing and managing anxiety, and Johns Hopkins Contact Tracing certificated training course.

Shelter in Place orders ended, new SMC Health Orders, social bubbles, face coverings; review & recording of Health of the City webinar with HMB City Manager Bob Nisbet and Deputy City Manager Matt Chidester; grilling safety; newsletter pause

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week, Vector Control; Webinar invite: Health of the City with Bob Nisbet, HMB City Manager; COVID case updates from SMC Health and SMC Manager, all county update videos; HMB COVID testing appts. 100% filled!; "The more we know the more we don't," Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything; 8 Things We Got Wrong About the First Deadly Pandemic

Social distancing walks & hikes; HMB COVID testing; Congrats grads!; peaceful protest at the jetty; beach safety, sand collapse news video, safety tips for visitors; Dr. Gemberling's fomite webinar, COVID contagion chart; social distancing strategies, Dr. Morrow's must read "Health Officer Statements" on social reentry; mask packing, tweet: arson investigator Tess

Staying safe & well while re-entering society, "COVID on the Coast - Local Experiences" panel discussion webinar, mask slackers, Coronavirus Conundrum: experiencing all 4 stages of an emergency concurrently

Great ShakeIn webinars Part 1 and Part 2; "COVID on the Coast - Local Experiences" panel discussion webinar sign-up; Memorial Day weekend personal health & safety considerations, Exposure Notification Contact Tracing, talking with children about COVID-19.

Great ShakeIn webinar: Part 1 "Coastal Earthquakes and Tsunamis", sign up for Great ShakeIn video Part 2 "Surviving Earthquakes & MyShake App"; SMC COVID-19 cases update by zip code, Dr. Morrow's new health orders here and here, Dr Erin Bromage COVID-19 infectious conditions video and explainer; CHP water rescue with Chief Lord and Chief Cosgrave; Yale Class "The Science of Well-Being;" antigen test results

Thank you to Coastside Gives donors!; respect to Public Health Officers, COVID-19 self-protective measures; 2nd Census 2020 link; preparing for Great ShakeOut 10/15, first of two Great ShakeIn webinar sign ups: Part 1 "Coastal Earthquakes and Tsunamis;" 1st anniversary of CFPD sponsorship

SMC COVID-19 detail; Chief Cosgrave's test results; Census 2020; Chief Cox's wildfire prep video; Coastside Gives: support hyperlocal nonprofits responding to COVID-19; Senior Coastsiders video: Delivering Love

Groundhog Day; State volunteer programs, 4 outstanding nonprofits meeting immediate needs for COVID-19 affected Coastsiders: Senior Coastsiders, Coastside Crisis Fund, Coastside Hope, ALAS; masks, COVID-19 testing: Chief Cosgrave's video; PG&E power shut-off prep

Appreciations: CERT citizen response, first responders, leaders in municipalities, social services, radio communications, reporting & publishing; preparing for journey back; earthquake safety: earthquake safety checklist & securing your space, local earthquake hazard map

SIP journey; neighbor to neighbor check-ins; how to get up if you are alone and have fallen

Coping with SIP; volunteering safely/keeping your volunteers safe; prepare for wildfire season; mental health & reducing stress

Links for help; public health guidelines; standing water removal; what CERTs are during doing SIP; how & when will this get better

First week of SIP; how to stay safe; eliminate home tripping hazards; pantry update

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