Thank You!

The 10/10 Great Coastside ShakeOut was a Success!

The Great Coastside ShakeOUT happened on October 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM

  • Date: Saturday, October 10, 2020

  • Total Time: Exercise Set-up to Clean-up: 9:00 AM to noon

  • Exercise Time: Exercise: 10:00 to 10:15 Earthquake Webinar via Zoom.

  • Exercise Activities: 10:15 to 11:15 Neighborhood participant counts.

  • Debriefing: 11:30 to noon via Zoom Video Conference.

Step 1 - 8/20

Here are Chief Cosgrave's slides explaining the overall concept of the Area-wide Radio Drill, Jenny Goshorn's presentation of the Frenchman's Creek Drill, and Jim Williams' slides introducing his September 3rd walkie-talkie tutorial webinar.

Step 2

Neighborhood leads who want to participate invite their residents to Jim Williams' walkie-talkie webinar tutorial.

Step 3 - 9/3

Walkie Talkie tutorial. The link to the recording is here.

CERT member Jim Williams presents basic walkie talkie radio communications training. General disaster communications are summarized and operation of the walkie talkie radio model adopted by most neighborhoods, the Midland GXT 1000, is explained in detail. The link to the walkie-talkie slides is here.

Step 4

18 Participating neighborhoods and agencies stage their own practice drills sometime between 9/4 - 10/9.

Montara East & West

Moss Beach

Seal Cove


Clipper Ridge

El Granada

Miramar East & West

Frenchman's Creek

Kehoe/Casa del Mar

Cypress Cove

Downtown HMB

Alsace Lorraine

Arleta Park

Ocean Colony

Cañada Cove

Rural South HMB

Branch 3 & 4 (Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, San Gregorio, Questa)

HMB Disaster Air Relief Team (DART)

Step 4.a - 9/20 Q & A with Chief Cosgrave

Chief Cosgrave hosted a Q & A Zoom on Sunday, 9/20, 3-4 PM, to answer questions about the 10/10 drill.

The link to the recording is here.

Here are his slides.

Step 4.b - Resources for the Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Maps are here

10/10 Information for All Event Planners

10/10 Information for All Participants

10/10 Exercise Participation Sign

All three 10/10 documents above in a single file.

10/10 Neighborhood Slide Deck

CERT Walkie Talkie Band Plan

Additional Earthquake Preparedness Links from Chief Cosgrave:

Sign up here and join us on Saturday October 10th from 10 am - 12:00 noon!

Area-wide exercise begins at 10am with participating neighborhoods and a Department Operation Center (DOC) at Coastside Fire Station 40.

15 minutes into our Webinar there will be a large (simulated) earthquake and we will have an exercise at the neighborhood level with communication to the Coastside Department Operating Center(DOC).

11:30-noon will be a recap of the neighborhood participation.

Neighborhood participation will be counted by placing a provided piece of paper in front of your house that volunteers in the exercise will count and report to the coastside DOC- We ask that you also turn on a porch light to draw the volunteers attention. No one will come on your property they will just count from the street (we call it a "windshield survey" and hope you will assist).